What does it mean to take an Adventure?

This question first popped into my head about a year ago.

At that time, I was just starting my first job out of college and was enamored with my new, “real” life. But part of me had this lingering thought that I should one day take some grand Adventure. So I wrote down a goal of taking a motorcycle trip around North America, but really didn’t have much of an idea when that would happen.

Fast forward to about a month ago, and I was having a conversation with a mentor of mine about my future and the things that I wanted to accomplish.

I mentioned the motorcycle trip.

He said I should follow my passions and do the things I cared about sooner rather than later.

I thought that seemed sorta crazy.

Two sleepless nights later I had committed myself to the trip.

Since then, I have:

1. Taken a leave of absence from my job

2. Bought a new motorcycle

2014-06-09 08.45.28

3. Killed the battery  on said motorcycle on the first day of owning it

4. Bought a new battery

5. Learned how to install that battery

6. Realized I know absolutely nothing about motorcycle maintenance (who would think reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance wouldn’t actually teach you how to maintain a motorcycle?)

7. Started learning how to maintain a motorcycle

8. Ended the lease on my apartment

9. Purchased a ton of gear

And now I’m two weeks away from leaving on a trip of somewhat indeterminate length (probably about 3 months) with the only goal of having an Adventure.

My semi-formed plan is to head East, then North, eventually West, and finally make my way South when it starts to get cold. Otherwise, I’m pretty much just going to wing it.

I’ll be writing about the places I go, the books I read, and the people I meet here on this blog over the next few months.

Have any suggestions about where I should travel?