Meditation and Acceptance

For the last two months, I’ve been meditating every day.

I was motivated in part by my roommate who regularly meditates for hours at a time and from watching the documentary “Free the Mind: Can You Rewire the Brain Just by Taking a Breath?”, and was curious to see whether or not I would experience any of the health benefits so regularly touted. Research shows that your brain chemistry actually changes when you meditate, so I carved out a time in my morning routine for a few minutes of meditation.

There are plenty of benefits that can come from meditation, but for me, the biggest improvement I’ve experienced has been an ability to achieve a much deeper level of acceptance in my life.

The past year has brought a number of big life changes for me, including graduating from college, starting my first full time job, moving, and breaking up with a girl I had been with for almost two years. This transition has been anything but easy. One of the biggest challenges has been learning to live in the moment and accepting that my life going forward is going to be much different than it was in the past.

Meditation has helped me a great deal in achieving this acceptance. I know I am happier in my life in part because of the 10 minutes I spend each morning sitting and focusing on my breath. With each breath in, I accept the world as it is, and with each breath out I release the tension and regret that fills my head. I feel deeply relaxed at the end of each meditation and I start the day feeling calm and energized.

It can be difficult to find time in our busy lives to simply sit and be in the moment, but if you can, you won’t be disappointed.