Leading from the Bottom

At work, I am one of the most junior employees in the company. I have less experience than almost everyone. I’m one of the youngest people in the office.

And yet that doesn’t stop me from helping lead our company, because being a leader isn’t about your title or age.

Being a leader is about inspiring those around you to be better than they thought was possible.

It comes from encouraging everyone when things go wrong and not perpetuating the negativity that comes from failure.

It means you’re sincere and understand that when someone does something well, acknowledging that success will help drive future success.

It means having an opinion, not being afraid to voice that opinion, and then taking full responsibility when that opinion is wrong.

It means working your ass off so that the team can succeed, because the team is most important, not the individual.

Being a leader is an act of confidence, of integrity, and of optimism. It’s a mindset you have to work for, not something that can be given by someone else.

Leadership can come with age, experience, and knowledge. And those leaders lead from the top.

But by learning from those at the top, studying the way they think and act, you can lead from the bottom.