Hi there, my name is Ian Husted and this is where I write about my search for a good life.

In June of 2014, I left my home in Boulder, Colorado to explore America on a motorcycle. On this adventure of personal exploration, I’m chronicling my experiences and discussing my learnings along the way.

This decision to take an adventure came from a need to explore the world, meet new people, and open my eyes to new ways of living. I’m fascinated by the question, “What does it mean to live a good life?” and contemplation of this thought is driving where I go and what I do on my trip.

If you’re interested, be sure to follow me on this journey!

  • Stephanie

    Hey Ian! Happy to be reading your blog. Looking forward to pictures!! Let us see your journey. Document your Ah Ha moments! & one last thing…take a picture of the moment you feel closest to God on your journey…enjoy! We are all proud & routing for you.

    • ianhusted

      Thanks Stephanie!